Thinking of reasons why you should hire a WTS Limo transportation service for your next event, well we got you covered on that. WTS Limo services come with a full package. How about enjoying the comfort of a limo as someone else does the driving, swaps the traffic, deals with honking and has to ensure that you arrive on time?

Some good news here, you do not have to fret about buying this expensive machine, you can easily hire it and make your dreams come true.

Travelling together

Do you keep wondering why everyone arrives in the event later than the agreed time? If you ask them, they will probably come up with reasons like getting lost, tight traffic, or their car malfunctioned just when they were about to start their journey. This could be a little disappointing especially if you were so much excited about the event. WTS Limo vehicles come with various seating capacities and can carry more than 56 passengers. Once you hire it, the driver picks everyone up and ensures that you arrive at the same time. It’s also an excellent way to surprise your host, just when they think the event was a failure, you just show all at the same time.

No Parking Issues

Who doesn’t know just how frustrating parking your car could be? Naturally, an event attracts many people, what if you arrive and the car park is full, so you have to go round the city looking a favorable parking space. There are also parking restrictions in the city, parking fee and much more. You can easily avoid this stress because, the driver will just drop you, and you can gracefully walk into the event, and let them worry about other stuff like parking or getting the car out of there and making sure that he is around to meet you at the doorstep when the event is over.

There Is No Getting Lost

You live in the suburbs of the town, or you come from upcountry to attend an event happening in a town that you do not even know the routes. All you need to do is call the WTS Limo service and give them the name of the place. They will come for you and take you up to the doorstep because all our professional chauffeurs know the routes and directions in and out of town. Also, they will come for you and drive you home.

No Road Rage

Road rage is so common especially to drivers. You are running late, and some drivers just keep distracting you, or maybe they do not give you enough space, not move out of the way for you. In short, all those drivers do not know that you are late, and they do not bother. When you hire a WTS Limo, you save yourself the stress of shouting and honking because they come with chauffeurs, so you don’t get into the event raging with fury and risk missing out on the most enjoyable moments with friends.

You Feel Important

Now this summarizes it all. Limos are known to be for the high and mighty in the society. Everyone bows down to a person stepping out of a limo, let alone driving one. Riding in a limo will give you the VIP feeling, and will earn you a VIP treatment in your event.

Why let all these benefits go by when your next big event is just around the corner, we will give you the best? Make that step and hire a limo, you will surely have the best experience of your time.

WTS Limo, Inc. always look for ways of making our travels more efficient, comfortable and fast, and that is just the reason most of us use planes. Good news is that you still keep doing that if you use a limo transportation service for your airport transfers. They are a great compliment.


Most flights are very comfortable unless you are jut unlucky. In any case, it’s not worth it getting out of a comfortable flight and getting into uncomfortable vehicles. Our luxury vehicles will surely offer you the same comfort you enjoyed on air, and maybe much more than that.


You only need to call up and make reservations for transportation before you arrive at the airport. Trust us, immediately you foot steps on the ground, the limo will be right there waiting for you. You do not have to worry about how you will get to your destinations and the problems that come with it. No traffic jams, no parking costs, no time stage – WTS Limo have got this covered.

Your Safety Is Ensured

You get to be driven by trained and professional drivers so you can rub off the idea of a possible accident. Our luxury vehicles have in-built amenities that you get to enjoy when driving and above all, the companies keep track of their vehicles. The tinted windows can assure you that not even your enemy will realize that you are back. No one snoops around, and no one interferes with your peace. Also, the drivers know the routes in and out of town, so whether you are new in town or not, there are zero chances that you will get lost.

No Worries About Luggage

In most states, they charge the luggage you are carrying. Even in regular vehicles and taxis, you will be charged for luggage. It is not appropriate that the airports charge you for luggage and you meet another driver who again does the same. Money is precious. With a WTS Limo, your luggage is safe, once you pay for the services, they will ensure you travel with your luggage to your destination.

WTS Limo Services Are Productive

Time is money. This is so important to corporate travelers. Traveling in a limo gives you the freedom to make calls, send emails and even do some work on your tablet or laptop.

If you are corporate traveller, you may want to consider using WTS Limo service for your transfers. At least you get to keep that VIP feeling that comes with using planes and transportation.

Anyone who wants to travel in style can choose to use the WTS limo services. Our luxury vehicles come with great features and we offer most sophisticated services you can ever get in any other regular vehicle. When using the vehicles, you can go on with your daily activities as if you are not traveling; you can relax, do some work on your laptop and even throw a party. (See our Services)

Professional Service

The chauffeurs who work for the WTS Limo are highly experienced. They have the necessary training. We put them to thorough testing before hiring them. When using WTS limo services, you can travel knowing that the person operating the vehicle can guarantee your safety. If you plan to take a night journey that you can drink without driving, then our luxury transportation services are the best option. (Please see policies about drinking in hired vehicles)

They Are Spacious

If you want to travel in a group and still have enough space to do your things, then you can consider using our vehicles. They can accommodate a big number of people and even, some will provide the disco dance floors where you can while away by dancing.

You Should Book Services Before Time

Booking the limo transportation services ahead of time will give peace of mind, knowing that when the time to travel comes, you will surely have the car at your doorstep. If you are going out to another city, the limo will wait for you at the airport and take you to the places you want, instead of looking for a taxi and having to deal with angry drivers and still be late to your business meeting.

We Offer Luxury

DVD/CD/FM/AM sound systems, stereo setting, WI-FI, Charging station, climate and temperature control settings, are all integrated into the limo vehicles. Leather seats, free refreshment water, mints and gum.

You Can Travel In A Group

When going for an event, you can travel with a group of friends or family instead of meeting at the place where it takes place. This way you get a lot of time to commune and set the mood for the event. You will also arrive at the same time which means no waiting for people who are late.

Every one of us would wish to enjoy the services limo transportation can offer, and it’s easier when hiring one. Whatever you are planning, the limo is flexible enough to help you make the best out of your time. However, some tips will really be helpful if you are considering renting the vehicle.

Check The References

The best way you can be sure to get the best transportation service if by asking for recommendations from friends and family who are fond of using them. It is very unlikely that these people will lie to you; neither will they praise something for what it is not. There are also online advisors or consultant firms whom you can contact and ask for a reference.

Check Their Website

In this age and era, many businesses have their websites. If the company offering the services does not have a website, then you should probably find out why. Most established companies have websites that have been in place for quite an extended period. Again, if the website has a good user interface, design, and structure, it could mean that that is a legit company as the owners were willing to invest in such a user-friendly interface.

Check Their Reviews

Reviews will tell you how the company works with its clients. Companies that do not offer good services to the customers usually have bad reviews and lower ratings. If the reviews are not pleasant, then it’s prudent that you skip to another limo service provider.

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Ask For Proof Of Insurance

Legitimate operators should not have a problem providing a proof of current valid insurance for their fleet. Ensure that the vehicle is not insured under the personal auto policy as this policy does not over the persons hiring the services. If the company cannot provide the proof of insurance, drop it.

Check Regulations Compliance

Every state has their compliance requirements, which you should check them out. If you plan to use the limo outside your current state, make sure that it complies with the demands of the state you are visiting to avoid being stopped and charged for non-compliance.

Document Everything

For any agreement you have with a rental company, make sure that you have it in writing( in person or by email/mail). The record will come in handy in case of accidents or legal problems arising from your contract.

Always know that you deserve the best, and re quality of the limo you hire should correspond with the cost. WTS Limo will always provide 5 Star Service!




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